Thursday, January 04, 2007

Gnome Love - Tell your adventure!


My wife loves to talk about adventures with her best friends. She has a lot of Photos, but many times is so hard to find and to share the right moments with the friends. If you imagine that every picture may represent a place, a person and a special context, we could link them to each other based on place, person and context.


Gnome Desktop Application and tools to create connections among the people, places, and contexts in your photos, and share! The concept could be extented to video, i.e, if I have a video where my brother appears three times, he would be just interested in that specific moments.

  • To set relationship between me and others.
  • To represente a person at different stages of life by photo’s date and the birthday.
  • To create filters by Life Periods.
  • Who’s in the photo and where it was in that moment.
  • To plot the location that person on a world map (web services).
  • To see a specific month based in a context, i.e, Christmas photos in December!
  • To connect pictures with other medias.
  • To create audio/visual presentations and tell your adventures.
  • Annodex
  • Gstreamer
  • Flash (?)

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