Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bossa Conference - Linux Multimedia Highlights

Edgard and Wim Taymans talking about Gstreamer in the INdT Office


In the 1st day, Milko Boic, principal software engineer for Real on the Helix DNA Client project, talked about "Building Digital Media Solutions with Helix DNA Client".


In the 2nd day, Rishi Bhattacharya, Systems and Software Architect (DSP Systems) from Texas Instruments, talked about DaVinci technology and OMAP.


In the 3nd day, Wim Taymans, core developer and project co-founder, talked about the Gstreamer framework (overview) and what is coming in the next releases.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Brisa 0.3 is out!

Brisa is a UPnP A/V framework written in Python, it enables to create MediaServer/MediaRenderer devices allowing users to share and search content from UPnP A/V devices. It has a plugin architecture enabling new services such as Flickr to be added as UPnP services.